The Cove

The Cove

The Cove


Cast: Isabel Lucas, Louie Psihoyos, Hayden Panettiere
Director: Louie Psihoyos

In the 1960s, Richard O’Barry was the worlds leading authority on dolphin training, working on the set of the popular television program Flipper. Day in and day out, O’Barry kept the dolphins working and television audiences smiling. But one day, that all came to a tragic end. THE COVE, directed by Louie Psihoyos, tells the amazing true story of how Psihoyos, O’Barry and an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers embarked on a covert mission to penetrate a hidden cove in Japan, shining light on a dark and deadly secret. The mysteries they uncovered were only the tip of the iceberg.


watched this documentary with Faz at Plaza Singapura on Wednesday
it’s really sad to see the dolphin killers slaughtered the dolphin
the cove is full of blood
the dolphins were all dead
why are they doing this?
the part of the reason that the dolphins were being slaughtered was to keep the population of fish eaters  down
is that consider a valid reason?
at least 23,000 dolphins are being slaughtered at Taiji each year
their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being purposefully mislabeled and sold as food in Japan!
dolphin meats are served  as compulsory school lunch and the parent didn’t know that dolphin meat containing toxic levels of mercury!
the recommended total level of mercury in seafood in japan is 0.4 ppm (parts per million)
and dolphin meat contain 2000 ppm of mercury!!!!
can you imagine that the children at Taiji are eating poisonous food everyday?!
majority of the world is not aware of this
the media are not allowed to take any pictures, video nor report any news bout the killing cove
The ‘dolphin slaughter season’ at Taiji starts from 1st September to 30th April every year
is glad to say, there’s no dolphin nor dolphin killers at the killing cove for the third day in a row since 1st September 2009 (saved as draft on 3rd September)

”]The dolphin killing cove

Seafood selector - Best Choices

Seafood selector - Best Choices

Seafood selector - OK and Worst Choices

Seafood selector - OK and Worst Choices

What is mercury (not the planet)?
Mercury can damage the nervous system and cause learning disabilities in developing fetuses and young children. The main source of mercury to most of the streams tested, according to the researchers, is emissions from coal-fired power plants. The mercury released from smokestacks rains down into waterways, where natural processes convert it into methylmercury — a form that allows the toxin to wind its way up the food chain into fish.
[quote from]

Mercury is a neurontoxin, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Organic mercury, particularly methylmercury is more toxic than inorganic mercury. Adults, children and developing fetuses are at risk from ingestion or exposure to mercury.  Mothers with high levels of mercury may give birth to infants with severe disabilities.  Infants and young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxicity.
[quote from]

More about The Cove

stop killing dolphins, sharks and turtles.
together, we’ll heal the world.


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